Our White Paper At a Glance. A Summary of Our Early Learnings.

The Rural Emergency Hospital (REH) designation has emerged as a potential solution to the escalating crisis of rural hospital closures across America. Our white paper includes pivotal early learnings and serves as a useful resource for medical professionals navigating this new hospital designation. Background and Rationale for Rural Emergency Hospital Designation The REH designation was […]

Navigating the REH Pathway: A Step-by-Step Guide for Rural Hospitals

An overview of the pathway to REH designation, where the Rural Health Redesign Center (RHRC) provides essential support through the Rural Emergency Hospital Technical Assistance Center (REH-TAC). Introduction The Rural Emergency Hospital (REH) designation is a significant development in healthcare designed to help rural communities sustain their access to emergency medical services and outpatient care. […]

Join the REH Peer Network: Protect & Promote Rural Healthcare Together

The healthcare landscape is constantly evolving, particularly in rural areas where the transition to the REH designation preserves access to emergency services and outpatient care. The Rural Health Redesign Center (RHRC) invites hospital executives and administrators of REH-designated facilities to join our collaborative forum: The REH Peer Network. Why Participate in the REH Peer Network? […]

Janice Walters
Executive Director
Janice has been leading the work of the RHRC since its inception. She has a background in health finance and is a highly rated rural health expert with over 20 years of relevant leadership experience.