to the Rural Emergency Hospital Network

The Rural Emergency Hospital Designation


Rural Emergency Hospitals can strengthen access to outpatient medical services and reduce health disparities in underserved areas. To help support REHs, we offer additional services and tools to ensure their long-term success.

The Support
We Provide

We provide a wide array of end-to-end technical assistance and support services to rural healthcare providers and communities nationwide. We work with rural health leaders to understand the unique needs of each community and are proud to collaborate with valued partners who complement our services. Our support services include:

Our Ongoing Commitment to Your Success

After the conversion process is complete, we’re here for you. Through access to resources, events, and a peer network of REH hospitals, we’re committed to your ongoing success in building community awareness, utilization, and trust.  

The REH Peer Network

In 2024, we launched our REH Peer Network to support converted REHs through peer-to-peer community building. As a part of this network, your team will have access to peer forums, educational sessions tailored to REH-specific needs and challenges, and one-on-one support such as stakeholder engagement, strategic planning and more. 

Are you with a converted REH interested in joining the Peer Network?

Contact us to express your interest and request more information.

Janice Walters
Executive Director
Janice has been leading the work of the RHRC since its inception. She has a background in health finance and is a highly rated rural health expert with over 20 years of relevant leadership experience.